Welcome to my new blog! Welcome to the Greenery paradise!

studenoga 21, 2017

Hello new blog! Hello to all of you! :)
Here is me, back again. After so much time of blog pause, Im finally come back. New start for me.

I hope we will hang out here a lot! Welcome to my new blog! Welcome to new fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel related posts. Hope you will enjoy! Please, feel free to comment and ask whatever you want! :)

This post is taken back in September. I was wearing Zara light blue tartan dress with this beautiful orange flowers, bag from DM and super comfy sandals from MASS. I like keep it easy when it comes to summer. Ohh, and I already miss Sun and heat. But, Christmas is coming so I cant be so pathetic. I have a lot of posts in the plan and have to be very fast, so stay tuned! Kisses! <3

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